Hi. My name is Rostislav. I am a human-centered designer and user researcher currently traveling around the Baltic countries. My recent projects include a collection of “aha” moments that can inspire other “aha” moments, and a social startup that helps students discover careers by connecting them with business professionals and mentors for one-day hands-on professional internships. I am currently looking for freelance work that allows me to continue traveling, learning and working on cool projects. See my service offering here.

I love learning about people and why they do the things they do. These discoveries allow me to help businesses and institutions create products and services that resonate with and understand people. I spend a lot of time researching. Steeping myself in intimate knowledge of a challenge or environment and working directly with clients and their customers leads me to better, more informed ideas:

I’m a visual person and I often use illustration and storytelling to help convey ideas. In my free time though, I tend to doodle. You can see some of that here:

For an insider’s view into my brain, check out my notebooks, I upload them for the world to see.

I am always continuing to learn and recently completed 3 courses at plusacumen.org – Lean Startup Principles for Social Impact, Business Models for Social Enterprises, Social Entrepreneurship 101. I am also further honing my craft by reading Jan Chipchase’s Field Study Handbook and the collected experiences in the Field Study Medium Channel.

Follow me on Twitter & Instagram to see my sense of aesthetics – both visual and not. And if you have any sort of relationship with George R. R. Martin, please pressure him for the remaining books in the Song of Ice and Fire series – I’m getting impatient.

Here is my current resume as well as a more traditional portfolio. And please drop me a note at roznoshchik@gmail.com or connect on Linkedin, if you feel we should chat! Cheers, RR