I am currently growing my skills as a design researcher by traveling around Europe and experiencing different cultures and practices. I’m involved with many projects, some of an entrepreneurial focus, some with a social focus and some with a personal focus. Freelancing is how I’m able to do this, and how I hope to continue as well. I believe that as a designer, it’s important to understand how different people think and live, especially in an increasingly mobile world. And so, I am hoping to continue to have the opportunity to travel and learn. Below, I’ve outlined some of the various services I offer. If you or anyone you know is in need of any of them or want some portfolio samples, please get in touch.

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English Translations and Editing

If you need to communicate with an English speaking audience but English isn’t your main language, then it can be a challenge. Whether it’s editing your existing text, translating from Russian, or writing new text together, let me help you sound like a native.

  • Translating from Russian to English
  • Correcting grammar and content mistakes
  • Editing event copy
  • Website copy

Blogs and Newsletters

If your business has a blog and you need fresh well-written content, I can help. I have previously written for the medical, marketing, design, and retail industries. Writing samples are available on request.

  • Long form
  • Short form
  • Package deals



Whether it’s a photography site, an online shop, or a product website for your startup, I’ll build it for you. All websites are responsive so that you can engage with your visitors wherever they are. Budgets are negotiable and payment plans are available.

  • WordPress
  • Online Shop
  • Content Creation
  • Custom Illustrations


Do you have an app or service idea? I’ll work with you to plan out your research and identify product opportunities. I can mock up the user experience and build functional prototypes for you to test your product without costly development.

  • User Research
  • App mockups
    • Flow charts
    • Wireframes
  • App prototype
    • Invision / Adobe XD
    • Principle


Do you want your business to stand out in all your customer interactions? I’ll design custom logos, business cards, and online ads that make an impression on your audience.

  • Business cards
  • Logos
  • Banner ads / marketing

 Research and Strategy

Social media strategy

Social media doesn’t have to be a challenge. By understanding your audience, industry, and capabilities, I’ll craft a plan that works for you and your schedule. I’ll deliver a customized report on your opportunities and a tactical plan for getting started.

  • Analysis of current efforts
  • Audience discovery
  • Competitor survey
  • Topic strategy, frequency, and unique opportunities

Content Marketing Strategy

If you want to engage your visitors so that they return again and again, then content marketing is for you. I’ll help you develop a plan for content that delivers real value and grows your expertise. I’ll look at your audience, your company, and your limitations. That way it will work for where you are now, so you can start right away.

  • Competitor and industry research
  • Blog Strategy
  • Topics and suggested directions
  • Persona Development for your audience

User Research

It’s easy enough to observe ‘what’ people do, but it’s harder to understand ‘why‘ they do it. And what that ‘why’ means for your business. Using ‘Design Thinking’ and ‘Customer Development’ methods I’ll help you discover the ‘why’. Together we’ll evolve your business, explore new markets or discover new business opportunities.

  • Interview guide
  • Pains/Gains
  • Business model canvas
  • Persona development
  • User Interviews

Brainstorming / Ideation / Synthesis

Collecting research and getting a lot of people in a room to plan something is often a tedious process. Through focused ideation and brainstorming workshops, I can ensure that you make the most out of your collective knowledge and time.

  • Ideate prototypes
  • Plan out research process
  • Transform research into product opportunities

Web Research on topics, industries, etc.

If you need to learn about an industry or a topic, but aren’t sure where to start or you lack time, I can help. I’ll collect relevant info from journals, newspapers, Reddit channels, Facebook groups, and other sources. All this will turn into a report that quickly gets you up to speed.

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